Featured Business Professionals

We are honored to highlight some of the women of NAPW Bethlehem who have demonstrated a commitment to our chapter’s mission. It is through their exceptional efforts that we grow and are able to provide an opportunity for more women to connect, learn, empower and network while sharing their talents with the larger community. Thank you Ladies! Come back and check out our Featured Business Professionals each month as we report on their individual accomplishments, experiences and expertise. (Scroll down to read about each)

July 2013
NAPW Bethlehem’s Featured Business Professional of the month for July 2013 is Keshay Blount, CEO of Keada’s Kloset! Inspiring Others One Fashion Trend at a Time!

Director Marketing and PR Keshay
Congratulations to our Featured Business Professional of the Month, Keshay Blount! Thank you for your steadfastness! Keshay is a hardworking and inspiring woman, balancing her personal life with her own business and also with her work for NAPW. No matter what is on her plate, she will get it done! Keshay was selected for this honor because of her role as Director of Marketing & Public Relations for the NAPW Bethlehem Chapter. In this position, she continues to help keep the conversations going on both the Facebook and LinkedIn groups! Her work to introduce new information and topics continues to help boost audience participation and generate buzz & visibility within social media!

Keshay has always been a dreamer. She says she, “always felt like I dream bigger than myself…” Her dreams have helped her become the inspiring woman that she is today! For instance, years ago her husband bought a sewing machine for Keshay and sparked a new dream for her. It started small—she made clothes for her children. But then she decided she wanted to take her skills for creating fashion to a new level. Plus, Keshay always knew she wanted to build up her own business. And thus, Keadas Kloset was born. In June of 2012, Keshay created her own business while finishing up her Bachelors degree in Fashion Marketing and Management at Berkeley College. Being a mother of four, Keshay understood the importance of having an education. Keshay is both smart and fashionable—work it girl!

Keshay’s company, Keadas Kloset, offers trendy, fun and unique accessories that are sure to fit any occasion. Because, as she says, “I believe women like to have choices and variety.” That is why at the store you can find pieces that work in the office and pieces that could be worn on a night out on the town! Keshay believes the fashion world and its trends are always changing, and that is why she loves it. She works to create new trends because she has, “never been the person who liked to wear what everyone else is wearing.” And in all honesty, who does? Be sure to follow the trends at http://www.KeadasKloset.com before you are left behind!

Keshay joined NAPW to gain valuable relationships with, “like-minded, professional and positive women.” She hoped to not only learn from these women, but she also wants to assist and help motivate other members of the group as well. Keshay loves giving back to others. Her favorite moment of being a member of NAPW was the charity event held at My Sister’s Closet. She felt great giving back to the community, and she continues to do so: “My hope is that I can be an inspiration to all women. I don’t want women to let fear or anything stop them from trying to go after what makes them happy in life. I hope to partner with an organization that helps young women to dream big and know that they can do whatever they want if they are willing to do the work.”

Keshay went on to say that she might even be the one to start her organization to do just that! Well, if anyone can start a group to inspire others, it would be Keshay! Her hard work and commitment is commendable and very motivating for not only her own children, but for the next generation of young women.

This blog entry was written by Caroline Lux, intern for LaceFront Entertainment and volunteer for the NAPW Bethlehem. Caroline is a Senior at Muhlenberg College double majoring in Theatre and Media & Communications. Contact her at caroline.j.lux@gmail.com

June 2013
NAPW Bethlehem’s Featured Business Professional of the month for June 2013 is Sandra Del Cueto!
Sandra Cueto
Sandra is a hardworking woman who deserves recognition for her enthusiasm and drive. Her humble attitude does not allow her to “toot her own horn,” but that is why we are here! Sandra has been selected for this honor because of her efforts towards increasing the visibility of our local chapter and generating increased traffic to our social media sites. Another reason we honor Sandra is for her willingness to help others. For instance, at a monthly NAPW meeting, the group was asked to think about new suggestions for future discussion topics; Sandra immediately wrote a detailed list of ideas for consideration. Her motivation is inspiring, but it comes easy to Sandra, who said, “…that’s my favorite thing to do—sit down and let the creative juices run wild.” We thank you, Sandra, for your creative juices and initiative.

Sandra is well versed in the world of Education. She has been teaching junior high, high school and college students for 25 years. She is currently a professor at Northampton Community College where she teaches English and Spanish. For Sandra, her students are very important. She expressed, “I love sharing my culture and my skills with students and enjoy working with both young people and seasoned learners.” Although she would not say it, Sandra is surely an inspiration to her students. Her kindness and generosity can be seen in her trips to Costa Rica. For the past three years, Sandra has been taking NCC students to Costa Rica to learn about political science and to take part in community service there. Sandra’s favorite part of the trip this year was when they visited an elementary school to distributed school materials like crayons, notebooks and pencils. Sandra and her students helped kids put together posters for Peace Day and they even got to accompany the kids in a Peace Parade. Sandra loves giving back to others, which is one of the reasons she joined the National Association of Professional Women.
Sandra Cueto and Student
When asked why she joined NAPW, Sandra at first explained that she was interested in the networking and the activities the group has to offer. But she went on to describe how she intends to share NAPW opportunities with her students. She explains that when she comes across women in need she tries to give them direction in both their life and their career. To put it simply, “I joined not necessarily for myself, but so I could share information with students.” Sandra’s selflessness is amazing and inspirational for young women who dream of becoming independent business professionals. So, thank you Sandra for everything. We are excited to have you as our Featured Business Professional of the Month!

On a wonderful closing note, Sandra gave this message, “I hope this organization continues to grow to be stronger and that I get to be a part of it.”

This blog entry was written by Caroline Lux, intern for LaceFront Entertainment, LLC. and volunteer for the NAPW Bethlehem. Caroline is a Senior at Muhlenberg College double majoring in Theatre and Media & Communications. Contact her at caroline.j.lux@gmail.com


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