MINUTES: July 11, 2013 – 1st Charitable Event at My Sister’s Closet, and Workshop Planning

Chapter President: Cordie Lacey, Co-Owner, LaceFront Entertainment, LLC.
Meeting Date: 07-11-13
Location: My Sister’s Closet, Bethlehem, PA
Next Meeting Date: Special Workshop Planning Meeting 7-25-13 @6pm
Monthly Meeting 08-08-13 @ 6pm (Open to Public)
(Locations will be announced)

Meeting Attendance: 11
Number of NAPW members in Attendance: 6 Members. Cordie Lacey (http://mscordielacey.wordpress.com), Helen Drahos, Portia Watkins, Susan Beattie (http://www.realliving.com/Susan.Beattie), Rima Hirsch (http://www.ameripriseadvisors.com/rima.a.hirsch/), Keshay Blount(http://www.keadaskloset.com)
Guests: 5 Guests. Briana Conley, Nelly Kabiru, Shiela Nemeth, Felicia Williams,
Meeting Minutes: Helen Drahos
Meet and greet for the members and guests started at 6pm. There was lots of lively, engaging discussions.

Our 1st charitable event at My Sister’s Closet was a wonderful success! The women of NAPW Bethlehem are excited about our mission as a professional networking group with a focus on charitable events and community service.
IMG_5183 - Copy

Items Discussed:
1 – Attendance & Membership
Going forward, we must ensure that our meeting attendance policy adheres to the NAPW by-laws. Guests must be referred to headquarters for membership after attending 2 meetings.
2 – Name Change for the Chapter and how to build the membership:
Headquarters for NAPW did not accept our proposal to change the name. However, there is the opportunity to team up with other local chapters for events.
3 – Mission Statement for this Chapter:
Reviewed the mission statement for our local chapter. This can be found on the chapter’s blog. Everyone please take a look. (https://napwbethlehem.wordpress.com)

4 – Workshops:

Workshop Planning Continued for the upcoming Fall and Winter Months:

A – The first workshop will be in October to allow sufficient time to promote it.

B -The workshop schedule is being worked on, and there are several interesting workshops planned, such as Making a Dollar out of 15 Cents – Get More Bang for the Buck, Planet of the Arts, and more!
IMG_5087 - Copy

C – There will be a special member-only planning meeting on 07/25/13 @6pm to flush out the details for the upcoming workshops and the back to school supplies drive for August. Topics will need to be submitted by 07/25, just a brief summary. Please have a brief outline of the topic submitted to napwbethlehem@gmail.com by Aug. 8th. Speakers will need to provide 1 complete package to napwbethlehem@gmail.com by Aug. 31st, this package will need the following:
Promo material, if applicable
Desired Room Layout
Technical Requirements, what do you need? e.g., Projector, Photocopies, Pencils.

D – Open positions on the board need to be filled. Cordie will be reaching out to members who had accepted positions to ensure they are going to be working to execute the responsibilities of the positions.
5 – Community Events Participation:
We will be collecting donations for school supplies every Thursday in the month of August. Need volunteers to help with the collection. The location will be at the Allentown ESYC.
Discussed getting more focused on a particular school to enable a concise list of items, i.e, lower level grade school may need crayons, drawing papers whereas as a middle school would need backpacks, notepads. Also, many school children need help with getting the required uniforms.
IMG_5186 - CopyIMG_5170
6- More Publicity for Members:
To further increase publicity for members, one day each week the PR team will run a “Get Your Like Right” campaign for any businesses that have a Facebook page. The goal is to drive up the number of online followers for each business

7 –Featured Business Professional of the Month:
Featured Business Professional of the Month of July is – Keshay Blount, CEO of http://www.keadaskloset.com
Director Marketing and PR Keshay

Keshay has been exceptional in maintaining the content of our social media accounts (Facebook & LinkedIn). This is key to ensuring increased visibility of our chapter and what we are doing. Thanks Keshay!

Midway through our discussions, we moved on to a fun time shopping at My Sisters Closet. My Sister’s Closet is a funding source for Truth for Women, a 501c3 nonprofit organization whose mission includes helping to raise awareness of the rising epidemic of sex trafficking in the Lehigh Valley. We are business professionals purposing to help make a difference! The clothing drive was a huge success. All attendees brought items for sell and also purchased items, resulting in higher than projected incomes for the store that evening. Thanks to the ladies of NAPW Bethlehem for the donations!

IMG_5165 - CopyIMG_5155IMG_5144IMG_5090

For our next charitable cause, August 1 – September 12, we will lead the charge in a “Back To School Supplies Donation Drive”, collecting donations every Thursday at the East Side Youth Center in Allentown, PA. (More to come on this).

Upcoming Meeting Dates
July 25, 2013: Special Member-Only Planning Meeting
August 8, 2013: Monthly Meeting – Open To All – at East Side Youth Center, 1140 E. Clair Street, Allentown, PA

Make sure to LIKE us on http://www.Facebook.com/NAPWBethlehem and http://www.twitter.com/NAPWBethlehem to join our daily conversations, or see the NAPW Bethlehem webpage on the NAPW website to get announcements on upcoming meetings & events. For more details feel free to contact the President, Cordie Lacey, regarding any inquiries.

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