MINUTES: June 13, 2013 – Refining Our Local Mission & Prep for Fall 2013 Workshop Series

Chapter President: Cordie Lacey, LaceFront Entertainment, LLC.
Meeting Date: 06-13-13
Next Meeting Date: 07-11-13
Location: Eastside Youth Community Center in Allentown, PA

Meeting Attendance:
Attendance: 6
Members: Cordie Lacey (LaceFront Entertainment, LLC.), Helen Drahos, Dawn Diaz Milagros Day Worldwide, Rasna Patel, CPA; Non-Members: Caroline Lux, Da’Shay Brown
Note Taker: Helen Drahos

Last month’s meeting minutes were reviewed and accepted.

Meet and greet for the members who attended was good. There was a nice mix of different business backgrounds.
Meet and greet also included 2 interns, Da’Shay Brown (Dieruff High School) and Caroline Lux (Muhlenberg College), both working for Lacefront Entertainment, LLC. whom Cordie is generously sharing with the local chapter. Caroline is currently assigned to our “Buzz” team as a Content Creator for Facebook, Twitter and our new Blog. Her start date was June 11, 2013. Da’Shay assists with meeting setup/breakdown and as a junior photographer for our monthly meetings and other events. Da’Shay’s start date was June 13, 2013.

Unfortunately the scheduled speaker was not able to attend the meeting due to a family emergency.

Cordie was prepared and had a back up presentation on “Social Media: Creating, Building, Improving Your Online Presence and Experience.” Members in attendance completed a survey that will help guide the content for a workshop series in the Fall. (The survey will be sent electronically to all members).

We discussed some of the tools used today, and interests, pet peeves & questions that people currently have. For example,

– Why does the number of “Likes” matter in Facebook?
– How can I get started with a Blog?
– Is WordPress the only tool?
– How does having a blog help me?
– What’s the point of Twitter?

A take-away for attendees is to think about the concept for what you would say or sell in your own blog.

Items Discussed:

1 – Request Name Change for the Chapter and Building our Membership:
Discussion revolved around changing the chapter name to the Lehigh Valley Chapter. The thoughts on why this would be beneficial is to reach a broader group of women. This will take a bit of work and thankfully Cordie has accepted to take on this challenge.
Cordie has had discussions with leaders of other chapters and headquarters and the take away is it typically takes 6 months to a year to get a new chapter going. Monthly meeting attendance and participation are needed to make this chapter a success.

2 – Mission Statement for this Chapter:
What is the mission for this chapter? During the June 13, 2013 session, we further refined our focus as a professional networking group, which comprises women from the Lehigh Valley area and beyond. Our focus is on community service and charitable activities while working to build strong professonal networking opportunities for women. We will be designing workshops that are offered to the public through community based organizations and non-profit entities with which we are partnering. This will allow our professional women to gain exposure concerning their expertise, products, and/or services, while also serving & meeting community needs. (See our local chapter’s mission statement).

3 –Professional Business Professional of the Month:
The winner of the Professional Business Professional of the Month is Sandra Del Cueto. Sandra’s professional title is Professor at Northampton Community College, which specializes in Education. Sandra received her MA in Spanish from Pennsylvania. Sandra is selected because of her efforts in raising visibility of our local chapter, generating traffic to our social media sites which resulted in inquiries from more than 5 woman since our last meeting. Also, Sandra has hit the ground running with providing suggestions on future topics, outlining a written, detailed list of items for consideration. As of the June 13, 2013 meeting Sandra was in Costa Rica with students, and has still been active through email in driving other women to our website, Facebook page, and informing them about our monthly meeting. Thanks Sandra!
For her efforts, Sandra will be featured repeatedly in all our Social Media throughout the next month; in addition, a specially written blog on recent accomplishments and future projects worked on by Sandra will be prepared and posted to our new blog. (Intern, Caroline Lux will interview Sandra and write the blog which will be reviewed & approved by both Sandra Del Cueto and Cordie Lacey before being posted).

4 – Member News:
Our new blog is up and running and can be found at http://www.napwbethlehem.wordpress.com. There, all meeting minutes will be posted. Also, members wishing to write a blog on a topic of interest for professional women are welcome to do so. (Topic ideas and final content must be reviewed for compliance before they can be posted).
Given likely low attendance during the Summer months, group outings are under consideration for July & August. At this time, it has been determined that our chapter will have our next meeting at My Sister’s Closet in Bethlehem, PA – The monthly meeting will be for a “Shop & Drop” – We’ll be shopping and/or to donating new or lightly used clothing (mint condition). Attendees who BRING THE MOST GUESTS will Win a gift certificate to shop at My Sisters Closet: 1st Place is $35, and 2nd Place is $25. See our webpage for details: http://www.napw.com/chapter/148/

5 – Community Events Participation:
Discussed ideas for helping at community events which will further the visibility of the chapter.
How often should we look for opportunities, monthly, quarterly, semiannually? Ongoing volunteer & charitable activities exist, as well as planned events that we coordinate. For planned events that we coordinate, we should allow a 3-month lead time to promote the event.

Some of the near-term activities suggested include volunteering at Musikfest or visiting My Sister’s Closet. We will also launch a workshop series in the Fall in partnership with community based organizations and non-profit entities. (Workshop Leaders & Panelists must be Members of NAPW, however, workshops open to the public for attendance).
Our chapter will be more active in volunteer opportunities in the Lehigh Valley and neighboring communities where there is not another NAPW local chapter – Members should see our NAPW Bethlehem webpage to find out where they can participate as a presenter, panelist or blogger – Share your expertise, and get your name out there!

See the Bethlehem Chapter’s webpage details for info regarding each future monthly session: http://www.napw.com/chapter/148/bethlehem/

For more on the Bethlehem Chapter’s active members, Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter, at “NAPWBethlehem” as we highlight “Featured Members” each month. Or, join our Group’s discussions on LinkedIn!

See you at the next meeting, Thursday, July 11, 2013 at 6:00 p.m.!

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