MINUTES: May 16, 2013 – Planning Meeting & “Power Hour Mixer” / New Member Toast

Chapter President: Cordie Lacey, Co-Owner – LaceFront Entertainment, LLC.
Meeting Date: 05-16-13
Next Meeting Date(s): 06-13-13

NAPW members in Attendance: Cordie Lacey (Owner, LaceFront Entertainment, LLC.), Helen Drahos, Keshay Blount (New Member & Owner, Keada’s Kloset), Sandra Del Cueto, Diane Gagliardo (Owner, Cruise Planners), Jacqueline Nonnemaker (Owner, Ameriprise Financial Services)

Location: East Stroudsburg University – Lehigh Valley Center, Bethlehem, PA (Planning Meeting); Bethlehem BrewWorks (Power Hour Mixer & New Member Toast)

This month’s NAPW Bethlehem meeting was launched with a 1-hour, Member-only planning meeting during which Members interested in taking on additional responsibilities within the group agreed upon new policies and task assignments.

Prior to initiating the planning session, last month’s meeting minutes were reviewed and accepted.

New Policies & Administration

Attendance and participation during monthly meetings are needed to make this chapter a success. For these next few months, our objective is to increase awareness of our chapter and NAPW in general by opening the door for the monthly sessions to as many women as possible so that attending NAPW Members have more opportunities to network with other professional women, and so that our chapter will grow.
Non-Members: Given the newness of the Bethlehem Chapter, non-Members will continue to be invited to attend each meeting without enforcing the 2-meeting limit. This will be revisited after 6 months of meetings before it is decided what the limitation should be for non-Members attending the monthly meetings. Students can attend meetings and join the chapter just like other professional women.
Public Speaking Opportunities: While non-Members will be able to network with Members during each monthly meeting, only Members will be given public speaking opportunities, social media promotions & event support, access to meeting materials online & access to online networking opportunities via LinkedIn & Facebook postings. For events where only a limited attendance can be accepted, Members will be given first preference. Sharing of costs for participation in community events (to lower the cost to individuals) will only be amongst NAPW Members.
Meeting topics will vary each month including coordinating networking mixers or panel discussions, scheduling special “guest” speakers from within NAPW, conducting speed networking events, collaborating with other chapters out of town, conducting/supporting nonprofit fundraisers, etc. All speakers must be NAPW members and must attend 3 meetings with their local chapter or with NAPW Bethlehem before being scheduled to present a topic at a monthly event. NAPW members wishing to be scheduled for a speaking opportunity may contact Sandra E. Del Cueto and Diane Gagliardo, who are now both heading up the charge to come up with meeting topics.
News & Event Updates: Members can send worthy news & event information to napwbethlehem@gmail.com for subsequent posting to Facebook, Twitter and our NAPW webpage by our social media team. At this time, 2 members and 1 intern (through LaceFront Entertainment, LLC.) will be working on this. News can be anything a member may want to share with both members and non-Members. Members may also share news, information, and upcoming events directly through our LinkedIn group. Further updates on how Members can post to our Facebook page will be published at a later date, once a full-fledged social media policy is in place.
Meeting Materials: Dropbox will be the storage medium for all published chapter materials. Only NAPW Bethlehem Members will be given access.

New Assignments
General Oversight & Accountability: Cordie Lacey, Chapter President will continue to ensure monthly meetings are scheduled, manage administration and build/nurture relationships for available meeting space each month, in addition to providing oversight to all functions needed to ensure the success of the chapter.
Membership: Diane Gagliardo and Jacqueline Nonnemacher will be responsible for membership contact & follow up.
Social Media & PR: Keshay Blount will join the intern(s) from LaceFront Entertainment to help upkeep our social media pages. We need to keep the buzz going about the chapter via LinkedIn and other sites to gain more visibility.
Event Planning: Sandra Del Cueto and Diane Gagliardo will determine meeting/event topics (each quarter).
Meeting Minutes: Helen Drahos agreed to capture meeting minutes whenever she is in attendance. (A backup minute taker is still needed).

NAPW Updates
Member News: Four new members, YEAH! Continue to spread the word ladies.
Interns: Cordie Lacey reported that her company, LaceFront Entertainment, LLC. will be adding college interns to its staff. There are no gender restrictions. LaceFront Entertainment, LLC. has offered to allow the intern(s) to help with supporting the NAPW Bethlehem Chapter’s ongoing social media and PR campaign in exchange for networking opportunities for the college students with NAPW members.
Annual National Conference Update: This year’s conference in New York City was very well attended. Members from every state in the US were present, including visitors from overseas. Cordie Lacey, President, shared some of her souvenirs with Members who were not able to attend. Martha Stewart and Arianna Huffington were the Keynote Speakers.
Annual National Conference President’s Dinner: Cordie reported that other Chapter Presidents shared their experiences with Member attendance. Some of the suggested to tools to obtain member feedback are to use Survey Monkey to determine from Members what topics they would be interested in for the monthly meetings. Ideas on how and to what extent to engage non-Members was also shared.
Other Key Discussion Points
Member Attendance: Ideas were discussed about how to attract more Members to come to the meetings consistently. Several good suggestions were discussed, such as having a 50/50 raffle during which proceeds would go towards an end of year event for the Members; also under consideration is that each speaker purchase a small, fun gift to present to the next monthly speaker as a way to build camaraderie.
About NAPW: All agreed that a meeting focused to discuss what NAPW is about and for new member orientation would be helpful since there are enough women who have started asking what this group is about.
Contacting Members: Going forward, Jackie Nonnemacher will contact members each month via telephone to remind them of the monthy meetings. (Cordie will also send a note to Members asking them if they don’t mind – if necessary, we will create a “Do Not Call” list for those who do not wish to be contacted each month). Additional members will be asked to assist with contacting Members who have never attended the meetings.
Community Events Participation: A suggestion was made for NAPW members to participate in other community events where we can have a table to display promotional items for the business owners within the chapter and for NAPW Bethehem. There may be a cost associated with participating in those events which will not be picked up by NAPW. Members who want to participate can discuss/agree to share the cost to minimize the cost to any one person. Members are advised to bring event information to future meetings or to share it via our social media sites.
Power Hour Mixer: The evening was closed with a “Power Hour” Mixer and New Member Toast at Bethlehem BrewWorks, where we were joined by new attendee, Yamilette Ayala. We all had a great time sharing our experiences and background. A toast was made to new Member, Keshay Blount, who joined NAPW and met with our local chapter for the first time. See more on Keshay at http://www.napw.com/profile/11228729/Keshay-Blount/

Stay tuned for next month’s session, Thursday, June 13, 2013 for a Special Presentation: “Financial Planning for Retirement… HOW CAN WE DO THIS NOW?” (Open to the Public for FREE). Presented By: NAPW VIP Woman of the Year and Certified Financial Specialist, Jacqueline A. Nonnemacher,CFS®, Financial Advisor, Franchise Owner, Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. (RSVP to NAPWBethlehem@gmail.com). Location: East Side Community Center, 1140 East Clair Street, Allentown, PA.
See the Bethlehem Chapter’s webpage details surrounding each monthly session: http://www.napw.com/chapter/148/bethlehem/

For more on the Bethlehem Chapter’s active members, Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter, at NAPWBethlehem as we highlight “Featured Members” each month.

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