MINUTES: April 11, 2013 – Speed Networking Event

Chapter President: Cordie Lacey, Co-Owner – LaceFront Entertainment, LLC.
Meeting Date: 4-11-13
Next Meeting Dates: 5-16-13, 6-13-13
Number of NAPW members in attendance: Total of 8 members and 2 guests

The NAPW Bethlehem Chapter held its 2nd monthly meeting in the form of a Speed Networking Event at East Stroudsburg University’s new Bethlehem-based facility. Attendees delved deeply while engaging in time-bound one-on-one exchanges. Members and non-members were astonished with the results – – it was reportedly the most effective networking session that some have ever attended! Below are just some highlights of who was in attendance and the information exchanged:

Sandra Del Cueto – Education: Sandra teaches both English and Spanish to her students at Northampton Community College. Her focus in a professional setting is to involve her students in the community by promoting active service and translation of English and Spanish in the Lehigh Valley. Born in Cuba, but raised in Manhattan, Sandra has traveled all over the East coast, but one day dreams of returning to California where she once lived. Sandra joined NAPW primarily for networking and meeting new people. She hopes to share in her experiences teaching and in her life interests which include reading and writing. Sandra is also married with a 14 year old daughter.

Michele Dolgos – Marketing and Sales: Michele is the National Marketing and Sales Manager at A. Sheftel & Sons, a local textile manufacturer. Her specialties are in social media marketing, product launches, public relations, career placements/resume services and sales training. Michele also is the head coach and BOD member of the Lehigh Valley Rollergirls, a nationally ranked non-profit organization dedicated to providing an opportunity for women athletes to achieve their maximum potential, both athletically and intellectually through the sport of roller derby. Michele is also an avid theatre and experience adventurist. She has a bucket list of things to do and see and is actively completing them. Michele has joined the NAPW to branch out her own personal network and to increase her involvement in the community in promoting professionalism in women. Michele can be reached at michele.dolgos@gmail.com.

Jacqueline Nonnemacher – Financial Services: Jaqueline (Jackie) is a Financial Advisor and Franchise Owner of Ameriprise Financial. With 14 years of experience in financial services, Jackie’s professional mantra is to help individuals plan for the future and to help them avoid their own personal fiscal cliff. The services she provides include plans to prepare for retirement, college planning, risk management and long term care planning. She offers free consultation and can help answer questions regarding financial services and accounting. Besides wanting to introduce the NAPW members about her services, Jackie has joined NAPW to meet new people like herself and to explore more networking options. In her spare time, Jackie enjoys working out by going on walks and mountain biking. She also enjoys gardening and can’t wait to spend the nice weather with her new German Wire Hair dog named Gretchen. Jacqueline can be reached by cell at 610-657-4221 or by email at Jacqueline.a.nonnemacher@ampf.com.

Jill Whiskeyman – Digital Branding: Jill is the owner and Accounts Director at Simpatico Interactive, a digital branding company located online at simpaticointeractive.com. The company specializes in branding and initiating an online presence for their customers, typically in a B2C e-commerce environment. They offer web design and development and focus on a mobile friendly user experience. Their niche includes start-up companies, but they offer many more services including expansion into social media, email marketing, copyrighting, SEO/optimization, and strategic planning. Jill is also on the development committee for the Lehigh Valley Children’s Center, where her expertise helps promote education media. Jill will also be furthering her own education and be graduating from school very soon with a Master’s in Integrated Marketing. Jill describes herself as an avid reader and writer and claims to be a “foodie” who likes to try out new and exciting restaurants in and around the Lehigh Valley. You can contact Jill by cell phone at 610-730-0972 or by email at jill@simpaticointeractive.com.

Diane Gagliardo- Travel Services: Diane is a franchise owner of Cruise Planners out of Flemington, NJ. Cruise Planners, in connection with American Express Travel, offers destination experiences that are custom tailored to the needs of the customer. Diane has also recently introduced a travel match up/ meet up where individuals can come together, learn about other people’s travel needs and desires and individual travelers can be matched up for future travel partners. Diane’s services go beyond travel, she builds a relationship with each of her clients and then custom tailors each vacation based on the individual, not on just a destination. Diane has joined the NAPW to branch out and expand her business, but she is also looking to build relationships with other women who can share their experiences and professional wisdom. Besides being a Dream Vacation Agent, Diane has described herself as an 80’s music and “I Love Lucy” super fan. She collects much of the Lucy memorabilia, and has even travelled to many destinations to celebrate such events like Lucille Ball’s 100th Birthday celebration in Jamestown, NY. Diane also proudly states that her mantra is “follow your passion.” Diane can be reached by phone at 908-905-0555 or by email at diane@shipandshorevacations.com

Others in attendance:
Members: Diane Diaz, Cordie Lacey (Bethlehem Chapter President), Portia Watkins
Non-Members: Ruth Barnett, Brenna Garcia

See the Bethlehem Chapter’s webpage details surrounding next month’s event: http://www.napw.com/chapter/148/bethlehem/

For more on the Bethlehem Chapter’s active members, Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter, on NAPWBethlehem as we highlight “Featured Members” each week.

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